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Claro Homenaje: Múltiples

Hans Hemling – Virgin and Child, 1475

– Lady with an Ermine, 1490 (check out the kiddie version here)

Unknown – Gabrielle d’Estrees and one of her sisters in the bath, 1595


Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper in Marithe + François Girbaud ad campaign

in the De Beers campaign is a carbon copy of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

Christian Dior’s Poison ad recreated Charles Allan Gilbert’s “All Is Vanity”

Ray Caesar recreated by Bruno Dayan

Eugenio Recuenco incorporates La Mort de Marat by Jacques Louis David in this photo

Nick Knight recreates Tamara Lempicka‘s Andromeda

As I’ve mentioned before, the Three Graces have been fertile ground, as seen here in two different interpretations one by Annie Leibovitz starring comediennes Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman, and the other by Camilla Akrans for Sisley Underwear

Even having been painted by an unknown artist, everybody loves Gabrielle and her sister, or at the very least Ellen von Unwerth and Andrea Giacobbe do.

Magritte‘s “The Lovers” has also proven to be quite popular, as proven by recreations from Jean François Campos and Danny Christensen

Rodney Smith does Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s The Swing

Rodney Smith (again) does Ingres La Grand Odalisque (once again familiar territory for Julianne Moore)

Spanish art directing wonder duo Kattaca and photographer Paco Peregrin recreated a couple of Mark Ryden‘s paintings in their editorial The Blood Show:
a) The cloven bunny

b) Rose

Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe by Edouard , 1862

Les Trois Grâces by Jean-Baptiste Regnault, 1799 (although truth be told, were a recurring theme in painting, as you can see here)

Gabrielle d’Estrées et une de ses soeurs, Unknown artist, 1594

Jeune homme nu assis au bord de la mer by Hippolyte Flandrin, 1836

Olympia by Manet, 1863

La baigneuse de Valpincon by , 1808

Le sommeil by Courbet, 1866

Venus au miroir by Velazquez, 1649-51

Le verrou by , 1780

Madeleine à la Veilleuse, , 1776-1780

Mona Lisa, , 1504-1518

The swing by Jean-Honoré , 1767

Jeanne Hebuterne’s Portrait by Amedeo , 1918

Les demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo , 1907



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