lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Claro Homenaje: Peter Lippmann & Christian Louboutin

Photographer Peter Lippmann has collaborated with Christian Louboutin again to shoot the new louboutin campaign. Here they pay tribute to a few, yet iconic classic paintings. I wasn't familiar with a couple of them but i think they did a pretty neat job in recreating art and enlightening us in the process.

Francisco De Zurbaran - "St. Dorothy"

Jean-Marc Nattier - "Marquise D'Antin" 
Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot - "Portrait of a Girl"
Marie-Guilleme Benoit - "Portrait d’une Negresse" 
Georges de la Tour - "Magdalene and the Flame"
François Clouet - "Elisabeth of Austria"
James McNeil Whistler - "Whistler's Mother"

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