lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Li Qin and Li Zhuang Ping

Daughter poses as nude model for father, ethics expert says this behavior is improper

Summary: The incident of painter Li Zhuangping having his daughter be his nude model has caused heated discussion. Ethnics expert states, from an ethical point of view, Li Zhuangping’s actions are indeed wrong, affecting relatively negatively society’s sexual morality. Painter father-daughter pair say: “No matter what colored glasses other people wear to look at us, we are very magnanimous.”

Li Zhuangping is a Sichuan artist and his daughter’s name is Li Qin. She said she is only willing to be a human model in her father’s oil paintings and “cannot accept” being a model in other ways such as film, etc. Not only does Li Zhuangping and his daughter explain that this is purely for art, his wife also agreed and also said that she is “pretty envious” of her daughter for being able to use such a beautiful way to capture her youth, an opportunity she sadly did not have when she was young and beautiful before.


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