martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

Otros Blogs: The Seduction of Venus



For some time several of our readers have been enouraging Agent Triple P to produce a companion to his Venus Observations blog (see below).The genesis of this being a conversation on the nature of the erotic in a hotel in Warsaw last year. Our companion ventured that there was much worthwhile erotic art and photography that was being neglected in Venus Observations due to the latter blog's exclusive focus on the lone female form. Most erotica, she ventured, until the development of men's magazines in the second half of the twentieth century, was actually devoted to the depiction of erotic interludes between individuals rather than the depiction of individuals themselves.

In addition, another one of our regular correspondents opined, erotica should engender a feeling of sexual arousal and should not just be "pretty Victorian nudes".

Finally, there are occasions when an illustration used in a posting on Venus Onservations may well be part of series which would benefit from a fuller exploration.

To deal with these issues we have created The Seduction of Venus. In days gone by gentlemen collected interesting and varied items in "cabinets of curiosities". Exotic items of erotica (such as the naughtier Japanese netsuke) were often included in these collections.

This, then, is our virtual cabinet of erotica from around the world and throughout centuries past. In particular, we will focus much more on the image than the written word.

Be warned, however, that if you are from one of those societies that thinks that the depiction of sex and nudity is a bad thing, that some of these images will be very explicit.


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